Recent Criticism, Interviews, Press
Hito Steyerl, “FutureGreats 2014: Zach Blas,” Art Review March 2014
Rebecca Hiscott, “‘Fag Face’ Mask Protests Sex Discrimination in Facial-Scanning Tech,” Mashable
Johnny Magdaleno, Is Facial Recognition Technology Racist?” The Creators Project
“Beginnings + Ends,” Frieze Issue 159 November-December 2013 (accompanying video)
Alicia Eler, “The Facelessness of Tomorrow Begins Today,” Hyperallergic
Lauren Cornell, “Invisibility, or you can’t disappear in America,” Mousse Magazine 35

Recent Texts
“Escaping the Face: Biometric Facial Recognition and the Facial Weaponization Suite,” Media-N
“Queer Darkness,” Depletion Design: A Glossary of Network Ecologies, Institute for Network Cultures
“Five Videos: Zach Blas/Queer Technologies’ Escape,” Rhizome / Foundation for Art and Creative Technology / 2012 Liverpool Biennial
“Imperceptibly Dirty,” No More Potlucks: Dirt
“Virus, Viral,” Women Studies Quarterly: Viral, The Feminist Press
Speculative Exhibition Catalog, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions
“Fag Face,” Version