I’m leaving for Berlin tomorrow for the 2012 transmediale festival, whose theme is in/compatible. I’ll be giving a talk on my Fag Face / Facial Weaponization Suite project-in-development at the resource methods panel on Tuesday, February 1, beginning at 1030am. I’ll also be giving a general artist talk on Queer Technologies at the Commercialising Eros panel on February 4, starting at 130pm, with Jacob Appelbaum, Liad Hussein Kantorowicz,  Aliya Rakhmetova, and Gaia Novati. Please join or come say hi!

A full schedule is available here. Videos of the presentations should be available on the transmediale resource site soon.

transmediale 2k+12 in/compatible trailer from transmediale on Vimeo.


After transmediale, artnotfound posted a brief video from one of my talks!


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