Interview with Zach Blas

Interview with Zach Blas


Jacob Gaboury, Rhizome

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Since 2006, I have been working on and thinking through the potentials and possibilities of queer technology. I’ve taken many different approaches to engaging this topic. I began with a queer sex act, anal fisting. As I started to think about anal fisting through David Halperin’s text Saint Foucault, I saw many parallels between the process of this act and the process of video feedback, something I was obsessed and consumed by at the time. So my first work on queer technology – which I wouldn’t necessarily call a queer technology – was an interactive video work called The Hole(s) of Non-Teleology. In this piece, I tried to address the relatedness of process as well as the sexualization of technologies in popular culture: the camera as phallus (think Peeping Tom) and the monitor as feminized (as in Videodrome). Making this piece put me more in-tune with the potentials for constructing technologies from a queer political framework.

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