Contra-Internet Inversion Practice #1: Constituting an Outside (Utopian Plagiarism) (2015)

Spanning video, sculpture, performance and text, Contra-Internet is a large-scale installation that engages the emerging militancies and subversions of the Internet, such as the global proliferation of encryption tactics, autonomous mesh networks, and darknets. The project aims to critique the Internet as both a hegemonic descriptor for digital networking and premier arena of political control. It also documents and speculates upon network alternatives that activists are developing globally. Inspired by Paul B. Preciado’s Manifesto contrasexual, Contra-Internet is oriented from a feminist and queer perspective, in an effort to unite such political positions with a hacker ethos. Contra-Internet functions as an expansive conceptual, practical, and experimental framework for refusing the control logic of the Internet while building alternatives to its infrastructure.

  • Contra-Internet Inversion Practice #2: Social Media Exodus (Response) (2015)

  • Contra-Internet Inversion Practice #3: Modeling Paranodal Space (2016)


The End of the Internet (As We Knew It) (2015)


  • 3D Modeling and Animation: Adam Sinclair
  • Supported by a 2016 Creative Capital Award in Emerging Fields, Gasworks, the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Rhizome, and Art in General