Contra-Internet Inversion Practice #1: Constituting an Outside (Utopian Plagiarism) (2015)

Spanning video, sculpture, performance and text, Contra-Internet is a large-scale installation that confronts the transformation of the internet into an instrument for state oppression and accelerated capitalism. Inspired by theorist Paul B. Preciado’s Manifiesto Contrasexual, Contra-Internet unites feminist and queer perspectives to fracture the global dominance of “the Internet” while speculating on alternative network infrastructures that activists are developing globally.

Contra-Internet premieres as a solo exhibition at Gasworks in September 2017.

  • Contra-Internet Inversion Practice #2: Social Media Exodus (Response) (2015)

  • Contra-Internet Inversion Practice #3: Modeling Paranodal Space (2016)


The End of the Internet (As We Knew It) (2015)


  • 3D Modeling and Animation: Adam Sinclair
  • Supported by a 2016 Creative Capital Award in Emerging Fields, Gasworks, the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Rhizome, and Art in General