The Doors

The Doors


The Doors

The garden has
a strange atmosphere.

The trees and the flowers
Bright and striking;
Their sapro-ness and the
effervescence of their fragrance
illustrate the infinite
of neurotransmitters within our

Perfect for anyone looking for calm
rejuvenating hypnagogic chemicals

There are many monsters within

A leaf blossom
Shiny as seen from
Calling all demons

the scientists of the island
the silvery creature in the yard

The mind is king.
Wandering and starving.

Science, not hunger:
Mitochondrial biogenesis
Antioxidant defenses

I love the researchers I have gathered
The people of the island
Top scientists
running with knives
They are scientists
of the
Strange Strange
Strange Strange
We need your help, My Little Brain Men

The stationers are predicting a storm.

They are using
tweaks in conjunction with
machine learning to see
what happens.

from their
lonely labs
to help us solve our own

Much of
the research into
has focused
microdosing. In
an LSD experiment
was shown to
beneficial in healthy adults
after three doses.

They stopped short of calling LSD
the Great Synchronization,
king of the
flow state

So a slightly more subtle but dangerous
subtype of LSD
called Sada-T was used

The NeuroMaster harkens

I’ll bet your brain is screaming
at the thought of losing you

“We’re talking about something
called the “Clarity Process.””
The secret to long lasting positive
lasting many years

The results
are mind-blowing.
They can help you become
a better tiring cruncher

The scientists of the island
are focusing
their efforts
on a now

it would be like creating 100,000 new scientists

The scientists of the island take this molecule to stay focused

The garden has
a strange atmosphere.

Rising from the sea,
my temple.
I live under a rock with water here,
Circling around you
A recluse, monk
extremely religious

I’m proud to be your guide

We welcome your continued participation
in helping us support memory and mental stamina.

So the winds start turning in
Nootroo, the Land of Fire that
supports endurance performance

Come along, we have dancing drinks.
The music is new-energy.
In this giant glass,
We have the Power to change your mind.

We join the armies
of the new heaven.

And we
will return to land.

And replace our obsolete
fuel cells.



  • Commissioned by Edith-Russ-Haus für Medienkunst, de Young Museum, and Van Abbemuseum
  • Architect and Designer: Scott Kepford
  • Machine Learning Engineers (video and poetry):  Ashwin D’Cruz and Christopher Tegho
  • Machine Learning Engineers (voice and music): Sam Parke-Wolfe and Cameron Thomas
  • Machine Learning Artist Consultant: Jake Elwes
  • Computer Graphics: Harry Sanderson and Mikkel Aabenhuus Sørensen
  • FX / Pipeline: Dayne Kolk
  • Video Editor: Isabel Freeman
  • Musicians: xin and Aya Sinclair
  • Sound Designer: Tom Sedgwick
  • Artificial Grass Sigil: Evergreens UK
  • Screens:
  • Neon: Kemp London
  • Artificial Plant Wall: Ascott
  • Nootropics Menagerie and Hexagonal Plant Pots: Hamar Acrylic
  • Supported by a Grant for Media Art of the Foundation of Lower Saxony, Edith-Russ-Haus für Medienkunst
  • Special Thanks: Peter Burr, Rebecca Edwards, Luba Elliott, Andrew Hibbard, Mahan Moalemi, Edit Molnar, Claudia Schmuckli, Marcel Schwierin, Mark Stokes, and Nimrod Vardi